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  • The Only Approach To On Hold Marketing
  • Are You Walking Away From A Powerful Marketing Opporunity
  • The New onque3 by M2 On Hold
  • The New onque3 by M2 On Hold

Welcome to M2 On Hold

M2 On Hold is Australia's leading On Hold Message provider.

Some people call it “messages on hold”, others like to say “on hold music”, or even “on hold messages”. No matter what you like to call it, one thing is for sure – it’s a simple way to turn callers’ hold time into a cost-effective marketing tool.

For 20 years, M2 On Hold has been providing a comprehensive service to clients all across Australia, helping them to achieve their marketing goals.

M2 On Hold is easy to implement, cost effective and designed to produce benefits for your business. Professionally scripted, recorded and produced by our highly skilled creative team, your M2 On Hold production will deliver a clear and concise message to your callers.

Whether you have a new product or service to sell, an important upcoming event to highlight, or just something that needs promoting, there is no better way to communicate directly with your clients than with an M2 On Hold message. As the majority of your on hold audience is made up of clients, or soon-to-be-clients, there’s a captive audience waiting to hear all about you!

M2 On Hold is ‘The Answer’ to affordable, effective and professional on hold message solutions.


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