Music On Hold

Music on Hold

Welcome to our audition page! Please have a browse through our extensive on hold music and message library and get a taste of what our full productions will sound like, or listen to our voice talent introduce themselves.

At M2 On Hold, we offer endless options when it comes to music on hold in Australia. Choose from a range of different categories of music: acoustic, funky, classical, industrial, jazz, lounge, modern and many more. There is no limit to the different styles of voices we have on offer either, get a sample of male and female voice talent right here too. If you’re interested in IVR or VOIP, we’ve got a great selection of samples for you covering everything from after-hours messages to Australia Day and Easter. Finally and most importantly, check out our samples of full productions. This will give you a real feel for what the finished product can sound like and here you will find a range of options, from corporate productions to radio commercials and conversational productions. You’re guaranteed to get some inspiration for your setup!

Why Choose M2 On Hold for Music on Hold in Australia?

At M2 On Hold we have a vast level of experience in producing high quality on hold music messages for a range of clients. Our team of creative geniuses are happy to work with you to create on hold music that meets your requirements exactly.

Quite simply, we are the premier choice for music on hold in Australia.

Remember, there’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking on hold music or voices. We’re here to produce audio that is tailored for YOU, not someone like you. So don’t be afraid to ask the Creative team for something a little different.


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