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Brand Audio

Wanna know what’s great about specialising in audio production? We’ve got expert scriptwriters, marketing gurus, audio geniuses, and techsperts in almost every area to help get your message across.

We use our ears every day, and they love to be stimulated. So, let our team create the aural stimulation that works for your business. Need professional voiceover for training videos? No worries! What about one of those clever informational animations for your brand-new website? Too easy! Professional PA announcements? Piece of cake. Voicemail for your mobile fleet? Have we made our point?

Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll put together a package that suits your needs.

We can write, voice, produce, create bespoke music tracks, and deliver in any audio format you require. Or, if you just need a studio to lay down some voice tracks for your podcast, documentary, or sister’s wedding video, yeah, we can do that too!

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Make Your Brand Sing!

Add the finishing touches to your marketing efforts with professional audio productions from M2 On Hold

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