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How To Manage Social Media Without It Taking Up All Your Time


Social media advertising is one of the most widely used digital marketing methods. Because social networks and photo-sharing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are used by billions of potential customers every day, marketing specialists from all industries are now leveraging these channels’ enormous potential to promote brands and businesses. According to a global survey, the main advantages of using social media for commercial purposes are increased exposure and traffic; as a result, global spending on social media has been increasing.

“Social media has a wide-reaching and significant impact on not only online activities but also offline behaviour and life in general. During a global online user survey in February 2019, a significant share of respondents stated that social media had increased their access to information, ease of communication, and freedom of expression.” (Source – Statista)

Ineffective Social Media Management

Unplanned and non-strategic posting is rarely effective. In the current marketing landscape, social media will not only maintain its importance for organisations; it is projected to become a standard component of every marketing strategy. “Organisations willing to re-evaluate their social media strategy in a constantly changing landscape will limit risk and maximise the chance to engage with customers would minimise risk and maximise the opportunity to connect with consumers” according to the Harvard Business Review.

Despite the obvious benefits of social media, the average firm can rarely afford a professional social media manager, and marketing personnel aren’t often assigned to it. Finally, copywriting, editorial planning, high-level public and stakeholder communications, cross-promotions, brand building, analytical campaign reviews, and direct or indirect sales funnelling are all required for social media. All of these jobs take a long time, and high-volume labour takes a toll on both the quality of the work and the overall resources available for the job if it isn’t planned properly.

Solutions For Better Social Media Management

You’ll need a plan in place to successfully control your time spent on social media. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a competent social media manager if you follow these 8 Time-Saving Steps.

  1. Have A Strategy
  2. Prioritise Your Niche
  3. Productivity Tools – Password Managers and Graphic Design Templates
  4. Social Listening
  5. Analyse and Plan
  6. Create and Check Your Content Calendar
  7. Schedule
  8. Engage

For more information on “How To Manage Social Media Without It Taking Up All Your Time” check out our infographic below.

How To Manage Social Media Without It Taking Up All Your Time

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