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What are your business’s New Financial Year resolutions?


It’s July and that means one thing—you need to be thinking about your New Year resolutions. No, we don’t mean drinking more water or exercising more. We mean your business’s New Financial Year resolutions!

Not sure where to start? Why not resolve to make your callers feel more engaged every time they call you? Setting a few small goals to warmly welcome callers can have a major impact on your branding—and your potential customers.

1. Lose wait

Have you ever wondered how long it takes your team members to get to incoming calls? How long do your callers wait, listening to that dial tone drone on and on? In a busy office, store or warehouse, it’s important to let new callers know that their call really is important to you. The best way to ensure your callers are seen to quickly is with an automatic greeting message that can greet them moments after they dial and welcome them to your business.

2. Learn new skills

All good businesses are constantly working to grow and change. Growth means new skillsets for your team and, more importantly, new services for your clients. If you’ve recently expanded, taken on an exciting new project or opened a new department, share the news with everyone who calls—and get them excited about working with you. Demonstrating success is a great way to build trust with new callers too!

3. Practice gratitude

When you run your own business, there’s a lot to be excited about. Why not share that excitement with your callers? If you’ve recently started an awesome new project, received an award or reached an important milestone, spread the love! At M2 On Hold, we like to include any achievements our customers are proud of in their On Hold messages, so their clients can celebrate those wins with them.

4. Make more connections

In business, creating connections is everything. It’s important to remember that every time your phone rings, an opportunity to connect with a new customer is presented. Your team will do the work while they’re on the line, but what about when they put a caller on hold? Dead air or bland music can leave your callers feeling alienated. With a captivating On Hold message, you can make the most of every single moment your callers are on the phone.

Making small changes to the way your brand is represented on the phone can mean the difference between a potential customer losing interest or staying engaged. Whatever goals you have in place for the new financial year and whatever milestones you reached last year, make sure your phoneline reflects your business the way it should. Chat to the communication experts here at M2 On Hold today – and get ready to tick those New Financial Year resolutions off the list!

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