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New year, new you – with a little help from M2!


What does your business have planned for 2022?

Do you know what your customers hear when they call you during busy periods or when you’re closed? Making the most of your callers’ time on the phone should be at the top of your New Year’s resolution list.

A new audio production from M2 On Hold is the perfect way to ring in the New Year and keep your callers up to date on what they can expect from you this year! A polished, professionally produced greeting, on hold, and after hours message ensures your caller stays engaged while on the line, even when you’re not there to answer their call.

You wouldn’t let visitors walk into a dark, empty reception room, right?

Think of your greeting and after hours messages as the friendly face welcoming callers to your business. They introduce your business, let callers know your opening hours and direct them to your website. And to top it off, they’re produced to perfection with professional voice artists and carefully selected music.

Greetings and after hours messages aren’t the only thing to consider. After all, no phone system is complete without a strong on hold message that keeps callers engaged and on the line. Your on hold message is the perfect place to share recent updates, highlight lesser-known services, answer frequently asked questions, and prompt callers to find out more about what you can do for them.

Here at M2 On Hold, we provide professionally scripted, recorded, and produced on hold messages for every industry across Australia. If you’d like to refresh your phone message, let us know today! We’ll complete a caller experience audit followed by a demonstration of how a professional audio production will make a powerful difference to your business.

Get in touch today and let’s make it happen!

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