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New year, same us, but better.


2019 has arrived, guns blazing. It’s a time for new beginnings, and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to give our brand a spring clean. We’ve been in this game almost three decades, providing consistently high-quality on hold message productions since the beginning (ask our clients). However, like grandma’s sticky pudding, we were starting to look a little dated. As our clients change and grow, so should we, and we wanted our brand to properly represent the good work we do – and how we like to do things just a bit differently. Welcome to the new and improved M2 On Hold.

What does this mean for you? Well, don’t worry, it won’t be affecting the fantastic service you know and love. In fact, we’re doubling down on doing everything we can to improve, as your friendly neighbourhood provider of the very best music on hold, on hold messages and IVR services on the market. But wait, there’s more. With a team of professional scriptwriters, marketers and communications experts on the payroll, you can expect to see some exciting new ventures on the horizon as we draw from the wealth of knowledge this A-Team has to offer. We’re upgrading our studio, engaging new voice talent, and utilising the latest audio-visual software to make our productions bigger and better. How good does that sound? (Listen for yourself.)

We’re excited to show you our new website. Take your time, look around. It’s designed to give you a better understanding of what we do, how we do it, and why we’re not like the competition. Not only do you get an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain, you can also whip up a taste of your own production.

Are you in the market for an on hold message for your council, sports club, or health centre? Do you own a trade business, a vehicle workshop, or a legal practice? New customers, hi! Come in! We’ve worked with basically every industry you can think of – including yours, we bet – and now have a select range of samples so you can get a feel for your own custom M2 On Hold audio production. You can listen to them here.

That’s all for now, but keep up to date with this blog, where we’ll share all kinds of industry tips, marketing trends, and if we have our way, a bit of fun (we always get our way).

Thanks for coming!

The Creative Team

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