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Keep your callers hooked with these five unique on hold message script ideas


Are you writing an on hold message script but feel like something’s missing? While a good on hold script includes basic information like services, products, location and website, a great script offers your callers a little more to chew on – and gives you another valuable marketing opportunity. Read on for a few ideas from the genius scriptwriters at M2 On Hold. And get inspired to make the most of your On Hold production!

Share community involvement

Firstly, share the ways your business gives back to the community, whether through fundraising, sponsoring local organisations or raising awareness about a cause you’re passionate about. You can even encourage callers to engage with you and get involved as well!

Flaunt recent awards

Industry recognition is an incredible way to build trust in your customers or clients. Taking every opportunity to share your success just makes sense. After all, trophies are made to be displayed, right? Let callers waiting on hold know about your latest accomplishments, whether that be an annual award, a high rating on a trusted review site or great customer feedback.

Share your story

A callback to your company’s beginnings can be a great way to connect with potential customers on a more personal level. Everyone likes a success story! You can also include things like a mission statement, company values or an introduction to the people behind the brand.

Encourage social media connection

It might seem obvious, but social media is often overlooked! Remind callers that they can access the latest offers, news and inspo pics all in one easy spot, invite them to join your active online community. Or just give them something to scroll through after they hang up!

Promote upcoming services

Lastly, get your callers excited about upcoming products, introduce new services, promote your new app, or share upcoming event details in your on hold message. You can even prompt callers to sign up for a waiting list or book tickets as soon as you return to their call.

No matter what content you include in your original on hold script, making frequent updates to your message is the best way to keep callers engaged. This goes double for businesses with regular events, stock updates, and sales! Not sure how often you should be updating your on hold production? No worries. Just chat to the experts at M2 On Hold. We’ll let you know how to keep your content fresh and relevant. We can even provide you with an original draft on hold message, written by our professionals!

We’re excited to work together to bring out the best of your business through a catchy script, the perfect voice talent and music and SFX that represent your unique brand. So go on, say hi!

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