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Confused about On Hold message terminology? M2 On Hold can help!


When it comes to On Hold messages, we know how easy it is to get confused by all the technical terminology and acronyms.

We’ve created a cheat sheet to simplify On Hold message terminology and help you understand how IVR improves the way your business connects with customers and clients.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Message is a catch-all term for every phone system message. Here at M2 On Hold, we produce professionally written, recorded and mixed IVR messages to streamline phone systems for businesses across Australia.

Phone System Message is a layperson catch-all term for any IVR message. You can use them to welcome callers to your business before they speak to your team. You can also share opening hours, request callers to hold, or prompt callers to leave a message after hours.

An On Hold Message is a message that plays when your callers are placed on hold. Pretty self-explanatory, right? The messages include important details about your business and highlight information callers might not be aware of. They can include awards your business has won, brand new services, your social media accounts and more. Some On Hold messages have timed messages that can be regularly switched out – perfect for businesses that hold seasonal events or have frequent updates to share.

An Auto Attendant is an IVR message that welcomes callers to your business. Auto Attendants list different departments, and prompt callers to select the department that relates to their enquiry with a button on their phone keypad, automatically directing them to the right person. Auto Attendants help free up reception time, reduce congestion during busy periods, and cut down waiting time for callers.

A Greeting Message is an IVR message that automatically answers an incoming call, usually after a couple of rings when your team don’t get to it first. It has no press button options. It simply greets the caller and places them on hold until your team can assist them.

An After Hours Message steps in when your business is closed, automatically greeting callers and letting them know your opening hours. It can also direct callers to your website to learn more about your services or prompt callers to leave a message.

Holiday Messages are like After Hours messages that are played on your phone system over public holidays. They’re a simple way to let your callers know when you’re closed for the day. They also share when you’ll be reopening, and how callers can learn more about your business in the meantime.

A Christmas Message is a more specific version of the Holiday Message. It lets your callers know how long you’re closed for the Christmas break and directs them to your website. It’s also a great opportunity to wish your callers a happy holidays and New Year!

An Out of Office Message plays when your phone is unattended for less than a day. These messages are useful for business events that run for a short amount of time, such as company-wide meetings and training days.

The world of IVR messages and On Hold message terminology can feel like a lot. Luckily, the friendly team of creatives at M2 On Hold are here to help. Got a question about IVR messages? Ready to make your business’s phone line caller-friendly? Let us know today!

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