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On Hold Messages

This is where the magic really happens! For over 25 years, we’ve been masterfully crafting the finest material to keep your callers entertained whilst they’re waiting on hold.

Don’t play the radio to your callers – that’s giving free advertising to your competitors! Don’t bore them with the same pop song that barely cracked the top 40 back in 2006. And certainly, don’t subject their poor ears to what we  in the business affectionately refer to as “musak”. Remember the personalised ring tone you had on your old Nokia 3210? Nobody needs that in their lives!

We’re not just experts at scriptwriting, audio production, music creation, and ‘punny’ jokes; we understand the value of giving a voice to your brand. We’ll take the greatest strengths of your business and use our marketing prowess to present them to the people you want to hear it most.

Use this time to show your callers the full spread of products and services you offer. Open 7 days a week? That’s worth sharing! Recently won a bunch of awards? Show off your medals! Just released a new product? Got a brand-new website? Giving away freebies on social media? There’s so much you can do with the power of on hold – ask our experts today!

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Have it your Way

Getting a new VoIP system and need a starter package? Sure. Want a one-off production to replace those awful chimes making your callers’ ears bleed? Gladly. Wanna test the waters before you commit so something more serious? We can take it slow.

We’re here to help you find the solution that suits your needs. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll make it happen!

Voice Service Agreements

Keen marketers rejoice! We know the importance of keeping your fingers on the marketing pulse, which is why we offer packages – known as Voice Service Agreements – that allow you to make regular updates to your M2 On Hold production throughout the year.

Along with our carefully curated industry packages, we’re happy to design a package that suits your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for annual updates, monthly updates, or something a little bit left of centre

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Here at M2 On Hold, we don’t like to leave anything to chance. We believe there’s nothing worse than being told no. No?! I’m sorry, but we don’t accept no. Your phone system can’t do that. Your network won’t deliver. There’s nobody local that can help… Not on our watch!

To combat this stubborn resistance, we’re armed with the knowledge and hardware required to ensure you can have the messages you want. And, if we can’t supply the products you need, we’ll happily point you in the direction of someone who can.

Because at M2 On Hold, we like to say yes!

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Make Your Brand Sing!

Add the finishing touches to your marketing efforts with professional audio productions from M2 On Hold

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