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Switching to a shiny new VOIP phone system?

With NBN being rolled out across the country, if you haven’t yet upgraded your phone system to voice over IP, it’s only a matter of time, so you need to be ready. If you’re looking to learn about the rich capabilities of VOIP phone systems, how they can streamline your business, and, of course, what it means for your on hold messages – now is the perfect opportunity!

VOIP enabled, hosted PBX, off-site service, cloud-based systems … don’t worry if you’re not savvy to the technical differences between telecommunications terminology. All you need to know is they all mean essentially the same thing; a phone system that is managed through an online interface. By storing and transferring data over the internet, VOIP phone systems provide an extensive range of benefits over the ISDN phone systems of yesteryear, first and foremost being:

  • Saving money. Without the need for expensive hardware and architecture, VOIP offers a substantially cheaper alternative to landlines, with lower setup costs and per-call rates. Often, VOIP packages will also bundle cheap international call rates, too.


  • Simple installation and maintenance. If you remember the complexity of installing an intricate phone system, you’ll be pleased to note that installing VOIP is a breeze. Chances are, you won’t even need a technician.


  • Accessing a premium suite of features. Here’s the fun stuff. VOIP offers the potential to transform the operation of your business. Redirect your calls, see who’s calling, send messages to voicemail and scan them on the fly. Conveniently convert text-to-speech, take advantage of auxiliary phone numbers, block those spam callers, and much, much more.


  • Keeping the pre-existing features of your phone system. You won’t lose your favourite features. In fact, hosted cloud-based systems do everything your current system does – but better. We’ll make sure your on hold messages, hold music, IVRs, menu prompts and auto attendants all stay intact. All we need to know is the make of your new system – or who we can speak with to find out – and we’ll send you all the files required to resume business as usual.


M2 On Hold is here to take care of all your VOIP phone system audio needs.

Whether it’s an automatic voicemail to catch personal messages, an auto attendant to assist your hard-working receptionist, an after hours message to inform the best means of contact, or an overflow message to let callers know you won’t be long – we’ll supply tailored, high-quality audio for your new VOIP system.

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