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Ask M2 On Hold: How often should I update my On Hold message?


Our clients often ask us, how often should I update my On Hold message? There’s no one answer, of course. For businesses who make regular changes to their products and services, keeping your customers informed about current information is crucial. But even businesses who offer evergreen services will benefit from refreshing their phone messages.

It might be tempting to set and forget your On Hold message but doing so can eventually leave you with a stale, outdated message that doesn’t keep your callers engaged. Much like the seasons, your business is ever-changing.

As your business grows and expands, it makes sense to ensure your phone messages are changing too.

Seasonal or quarterly changes suit businesses in a wide range of industries. These include medical centres, government departments, restaurants and sports clubs. Updating your on hold as the season changes gives you the chance to share everything new that your business has to offer.

Summer and spring often bring with them a range of exciting events to promote, while winter and autumn can be a great time to remind callers about lesser-known products in your line. Other seasonal changes can include promoting new services, specials and discounts, new departments or team members and recent projects. Restaurants and bars may want to promote a new menu, monthly special or regular live music. Medical centres and pharmacies often offer seasonal health tips and reminders, while schools and colleges share end of term messages. Many businesses take the opportunity to show off recent awards and brand new milestones.

When it comes to talking up your business, the sky is the limit.

Here at M2 On Hold, we’re always happy to give personalised advice about phone message update frequency, but as a guide, we suggest reviewing your business (or asking us to do it for you!) every few months. Chat to us today about keeping your phoneline fresh – all year round.

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